Etsy Does It

I umed and ahed about this one for a while but decided to open an Etsy shop recently to stock my CD.


For a while I wasn’t sure if having two places to buy my stuff online would somehow, I dunno, “dilute my brand” or something like that, but I figured enough of the parents who like my music already use etsy that it made sense for me to use it too.

The other issue was “is this handmade enough?” (to meet etsy regulations). I mean the disk and the covers were manufactured… But I did make the music, and the artwork (out of crepe paper, cloth, stuffing, cardboard and pipecleaners no less) so I reckon it’s all above board.


I also do actually really like heaps of the things that people make and sell on there! We’ve bought lots if clothes for J n R from the fabulous Little Ray as well as art prints and lots and baby stuff from other places, and the shop function there is easy to use (without being TOO easy like Amazon)! So, yes, I want to see if I fit in with the revolutionaries.


About earlleonardmusicforkids

Earl Leonard is a talented musician with an honest rocking style. Kids love his enthusiam and sense of fun. Performances for early primary and pre-school aged children are structured to leave room for participation; including changing well known song lyrics with the help of the kids. Songwriting workshops for grades 3 and up open a world of creativity; exploring language rhythm and rhyme. through all the fun and games children learn about words and music.
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