Jasper Knocks me Out at Story-time

Was running late for Jasper’s bedtime last night, had to skip his read story and tell his tell story (we normally have one of each) while getting him into his PJs.

“Once upon a time there was a very, very large rabbit and a very, very small hippopotamus…” I began

“And a very fast monster truck!”

“there was a monster truck, and it was very, very quiet and there was also a very, very fast… tortoise” I said.

“and a very, very thin dinosaur?” he suggested, picking up on the pattern.

“that’s right, and a very, very fat, um, snake”

“and a very, very dark light!”

Whoa. Nice one Jasper. It took me a moment to recover and the rest of the story, which ended up being about a party where everything was done a bit differently, didn’t quite reach my boy’s benchmark there.


But story-time with my son is definitely one of my favorite times of all.


About earlleonardmusicforkids

Earl Leonard is a talented musician with an honest rocking style. Kids love his enthusiam and sense of fun. Performances for early primary and pre-school aged children are structured to leave room for participation; including changing well known song lyrics with the help of the kids. Songwriting workshops for grades 3 and up open a world of creativity; exploring language rhythm and rhyme. through all the fun and games children learn about words and music.
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