Nephew Uncle Uncle Nephew

I’ve made quite a few posts about my own kids on this blog for a number of reasons: I love them, I enjoy sharing their antics and they are a constant and major source of inspiration for the work I do songwriting and performing. But obviously they’re not my only inspiration; I read, I listen to music, I perform for many other children and adults and I have other wonderful family and friends. It all makes for a soulful soup of creative nourishment.

For example, I have a nephew who is awesome and sure can stomp!


Charlie’s a very active and lucky little boy. As well as having my wonderful big sister, Julia, for a mum he gets to play with crocodiles because his parents run the Ballarat Wildlife and Reptile Park (he does not actually play with the crocodiles. Yet).

Julia did ballet when she was younger and her boy has inherited the talent for dance, I think. Although he seems to prefer blues (and dinosaurs and wrestling). Him and Jasper grooved up a storm at a John Chamberlain gig one time and Jules brings him to my shows when she can. And she asked me to play at his second birthday.


It was a pretty big deal. I love playing birthdays, even though they’re often the most difficult gigs, and playing for family felt particularly gratifying. Especially since I can tell Charlie genuinely loves live music. Sure most kids do, I know that perhaps better than most, but I can sense that sharing music with Charlie – the feelings, the stories, the secret, great, lost and significant bands – is something we will do. Just like my Uncle Ian shares his appreciation of music with me.

As a nephew to an uncle and an uncle to a nephew, I thank them both.


About earlleonardmusicforkids

Earl Leonard is a talented musician with an honest rocking style. Kids love his enthusiam and sense of fun. Performances for early primary and pre-school aged children are structured to leave room for participation; including changing well known song lyrics with the help of the kids. Songwriting workshops for grades 3 and up open a world of creativity; exploring language rhythm and rhyme. through all the fun and games children learn about words and music.
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3 Responses to Nephew Uncle Uncle Nephew

  1. Musicforkids says:

    Music for kids is always a great thing. Songwriting workshops for children would be a great way to open creativity. Do you have any videos of one of your workshops? I’d love to check it out.

  2. Musicforkids says:

    I like your blog. I’d love to see a video of a children’s songwriting workshop. Sounds like a very cool idea.

    • Thanks Gary, I’m trying to organize getting some footage at the moment; it’s been tricky because the workshops I’ve done have been for afterschool programs and getting permission off of all the parents/guardians to film just hasn’t happened. Same goes with my public shows and schools gigs. But I’m doing a program for a gallery next term and because the group will be smaller I may have better luck. Also working on a DVD so plenty of performance footage coming!

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