The Rye Catchers

I’ve mentioned my band, The Rye Catchers, before. We’ve been playing together now since 1997 – and I’m not even the first singer! The lineups changed a few other times, but has been steady since 2006.


That’s what we look like. Except that we’re slightly less washed out looking in real life and I usually have a beard. You’ve seen my beard, it suits my Robin Hood, Pirate Captain & Monkey King costumes (and I made a joke of it when dressed as a Ladybug).


This is what our drummer, Tubbo, looks like when drumming. Tubbo drives the band. Literally, in the he drives the car most of the time when we tour and we keep the trailer at his house, but also figuratively as he is a drummer and drives the rhythm. He is also the most disciplined member when it comes to practicing, so he also drives the band in that, other, figurative way. Which is funny as, like me, he can also be very silly. Here’s all of us again as a cartoon.


The likenesses, especially of bass player Pez & lead guitarist Snowy, are uncanny. Last time we recorded we made a film clip of the song, Yeahnah, and released a live DVD. We tried to record again not too much later, but weren’t happy with the direction the songs had taken and shelved most of that – only using a couple of those tracks in a limited edition “rarities” disk to celebrate our 10th anniversary a few years ago.

About the same time some of us started having kids. Not together, but as individual dads. First Tubbo and his wife had Jacob (who is also a great little drummer now) and later Xavier, while Rach and I had Jasper and then Rosie. Ruddo, our rhythm guitarist, the band’s founder and chief songwriter (of music; I write most of the words), and his partner, Jen, have a son, Tom, too (no pressure to form a band, kids).


Ruddo is also quite silly at times, extremely excitable and prone to hyperbole (it’s kind of our thing, even though our music is all mainly “serious” hard rock sitting somewhere in the triangle of AC/DC, Guns’n’Roses and Black Sabbath) but is also extremely patient, as both his time playing in a band with me, and this photo of him tuning up at Redwood Recording Stuidos demonstrates.

Oh yeah, we’ve recently been recording again! The songs are sounding great! And we ran a successful Pozible project to help us fund the release. It’s exciting!

Having kids has definitely been a factor limiting our gigging these last few years. But I think we’ve also became better musicians. We’ve all lifted our game, and I think having little ones has reminded us of why we love playing music. We’re looking forward to gigging to support the coming (3rd) album. Heck, we’re playing tonight at The Karova Lounge with Mutations and The Electric Sunkings from 9.30


I love playing music for kids, but also never want to give up rockin out with the Catchers. Like this director’s chair at the back of the studio symbolizes (just go with it), I think it’s good to change things up a bit, and have a few different creative activities on the go. I also get a huge kick out of old Rye Catchers fans bringing their own young offspring to my kid’s music gigs! I hope that’s something that keeps happening for year’s to come.


About earlleonardmusicforkids

Earl Leonard is a talented musician with an honest rocking style. Kids love his enthusiam and sense of fun. Performances for early primary and pre-school aged children are structured to leave room for participation; including changing well known song lyrics with the help of the kids. Songwriting workshops for grades 3 and up open a world of creativity; exploring language rhythm and rhyme. through all the fun and games children learn about words and music.
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