Scaring Flies

The day is that hot day the other day, Jasper is screaming…

Me (hands over ears): What’s wrong mate?
J: Nothing, I’m just trying to scare away the flies
Me: Oh, well, flies can’t hear the same way we do, you’re better off just waving your arms
J: Why can’t they hear?
Me: *long winded explanation about the lack of an auditory system, although they can sense vibrations through their legs which led to further questions and answers about other animals- including snakes, whales, dogs etc- and how their senses work, including how flies are good at seeing movement – hence the arm waving – and even the magnetic sense of some sharks…*
J: *stares* Ok. *waves arms* This is tiring. We need to build some kind of waving machine with arms that spin around and move in and out and they could even spray water sometimes… that would scare the flies away.
Me: yes, yes that would! It would probably help keep us cool to, by the sound of things
J: yes. It’s a fly-scaring-people-cooling machine.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to build it, as it was dinner time. Maybe another day…



About earlleonardmusicforkids

Earl Leonard is a talented musician with an honest rocking style. Kids love his enthusiam and sense of fun. Performances for early primary and pre-school aged children are structured to leave room for participation; including changing well known song lyrics with the help of the kids. Songwriting workshops for grades 3 and up open a world of creativity; exploring language rhythm and rhyme. through all the fun and games children learn about words and music.
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