How to Fail at Human Rights: Australia Excuses itself from Refugee Law

That children who did nothing, other than have parents willing to risk everything for a safer life, are currently living in prison is bad enough. That my government has now made doing such a thing legally easier (with no rational moral, social, economic or even secruity based justification none-the-less) is shameful, mortifying, infuriating and just not good enough, in any sense.


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A large portion of what I spend my time doing overseas is engaging with abuses of human rights and their practical implications- or working to ensure that peoples’ basic rights are met, either through direct action, or advocacy. Coming home to my family in Australia, I have the privilege of knowing they will never face the sorts of rights deprivations that many of the displaced people I habitually work with do.

With that in mind, it makes Australia’s decision yesterday to excise its mainland from the migration zone all the more shocking.

The migration zone, simply put, is the geographical boundary within which an incoming asylum-seeker can legally lodge an appeal for asylum. Under normal circumstances, an asylum-seeker can set foot anywhere on Australian sovereign territory and, from that point, appeal to the government to recognize his or her claim for refugee status under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating…

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