About Me

I play music for kids.

Sharing my sense of fun and giddy enthusiasm for songs with similarly excitable small children is where it’s at for me.

I played my first original gig while in grade 5 – I’d written a few songs about reptiles and African animals on keyboard and recorder and put on a concert for the preps, ones and twos.

I didn’t rediscover how fun kids music is until having my own son, Jasper. I love singing songs to my kids (I have daughter, Rosie, now too!) just like my mum and granddad sung to me.

I love writing songs for kids, especially with my son. They’re just the best audiences!

My favourite kids music composer & lyricist is Joe Raposo – he was one of the head song writers for Sesame Street. I’m also fascinated by classical music’s ongoing influence on what we play to our kids (most people are far more familiar with songs by Brahms, Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikovsky & Beethoven that they’d probably realise) and I’m thrilled that my son thinks The Black Keys are as awesome as I do.


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