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5 Chord Progressions That Build Musical Momentum — The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

When I write songs with kids I often have to work as quickly as possible to keep things productive, interesting, and successful, for my budding lyricists. To this end I often rely on mental banks of useful chord progressions to … Continue reading

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Not Quite Anchor Charts

So, I absolutely LOVE the anchor charts I’ve been seeing on blogs and on Pinterest.  Apparently, anchor charts are supposed to be minimalistic so as not to confuse the children with extra information and art.  Oops!  I guess I can’t…

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A lesson about rhyme and meter, written in rhyme and meter…

Originally posted on Jackie Hosking:
~ I am writing this poem to try and explain ~The meaning of meter and rhyme ~This meter I’m using is often amusing ~If Seuss is the source of the chime But rather than bother…

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Grammatikus: The Elite Online Grammar Resource

It is good to see the Grammatikus game getting some good press! I was proud of my work, writing for them. Grammatikus: The Elite Online Grammar Resource.

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Magnetic Whiteboard Grand Stave

Originally posted on Rhythm Express:
Sometimes students have difficulty in working out how the musical stave applies to the piano. After all you travel from low to high on the piano by moving left to right but read it on…

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From Primary School to University and Back (again and again)

I’ve just had my first observation day for my second lot of placement…It went well, I think I love the school (and especially the library, with stairs)! All this `learning how to teach’ I’ve been doing this year has certainly … Continue reading

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The ‘Light bulb’ Moment

Originally posted on Sing and Dance Australia:
There is nothing greater than seeing the sense of accomplishment from a child when they take that brave step and sing on their own for the very first time! I feel that I’ve…

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A Unique Look at the Boat People ‘Problem’ in Australia

A Unique Look at the Boat People ‘Problem’ in Australia.

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Can You Kazoo?

Love the kazoo! The idea that it is a great instrument to build musical confidence is brilliantly true! Ballarat used to have a wonderful `Kazoo Orchestra’ (maybe they could re-form or you could form one in your home town). When … Continue reading

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Highlights Reel! Letting no editing time go to waste, I’ve repurposed a video of snippits from the concert shows I put together into a general `samples of Earl’s shows’ vid. Rosie has her say and Jasper spontaneously says the sweetest … Continue reading

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