Picture 2The mysterious masked maker of melody, The Music-Man, at Run Ballarat 2012

IMG_1071[1]And later on that very same day at the Buninyong Goodlife festival
(It’s ok, we’re all a little confused today, kids)

The Wonderland Gang, Children’s Booktown, Clunes 2013

Playing kids music has helped my vertical leap, coach

IMG_0159[1]The Ants go marching two by two at the 2012 Begonia festival

IMG_0440[1]Some of the same kids `Diving in a Submarine’ the year after!

IMG_0833[1]Me hearty pirate crew! Argh!

20120726-153120.jpgPark rangers quietly sneaking through the Australian bush looking for animals

20120726-153222.jpgStomp! Stomp! Stomp!

20120726-153312.jpgRanger Earl sings about Quokkas and Quolls!

20120726-153351.jpgI love it when a tea-party comes together

20120802-115459.jpgA Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea at East Balliang Primary School

Talk to the Hand (about rhyming words)

20120802-115518.jpgEveryone walk Sideways!

20120802-115604.jpgI’m not the only singer in the room!

20120802-115700.jpgLive music and a bubble machine?! What a birthday party!

20120802-115738.jpgJulian spent his 1st birthday critiquing my chord technique

20120802-115804.jpgA octopus and a pod of young whales singing `Whale Song’ a call and response number at the 2012 Ballarat Begonia Festival

20120802-115832.jpgThe start of the Octopus’ Garden show at the 2-12 Ballarat Begonia Festival

20120802-115850.jpgBeetles, Bugs and Butterflies at the 2011 Begonia Festival

20120802-115914.jpgThe Skipton Playgroup last Christmas!

20120802-120026.jpgJump around at Café Muzyka

20120802-120053.jpgMore Café Muzyka Fun


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