Term Three 2015

These nineteen songs were all written as part of a single term specialist music program at a primary school, in term three of 2015!

18 classes – three of each grade from Year 1 to Year 6 -wrote one song with me, inspired (sometimes loosely) by their inquiry topics. Because we write about what we know about and learn more so we can keep writing!

One more song, ‘My Favourite Seasons’ (inquiry topic: the weather) was written with the three Foundation classes together.

Year 1s – ‘Ruff the Farm Dog’, ‘I Don’t Know what to Feed my Bunny’, ‘Walking to the Farm’ (inquiry topic: the farm).

Year 2s – ‘Wet Water World’, ‘Sparkles the Water Fairy’, ‘Look After the Ocean’ (inquiry topic: water)

Year 3s – ‘Spinning in Space’, ‘The Sun is a Star’, ‘Our Solar System Formed” (inquiry topic: space)

Year 4s – ‘Mining!’, ‘Rocks and Minerals’, ‘We’re Taking all your Diamonds’ (inquiry topic: dirt)

Year 5s – ‘The Sun, Moon and Earth’, ‘Kepler 25 – I Love Space’, ‘How Hot is the Sun?’ (inquiry topic: space)

Year 6s – ‘Disasters Down-under, ‘A Marauding Mob’, ‘Natural Disasters’ (inquiry topic: Disasters Down-under / natural disasters). Note: as the Year 6’s inquiry topic is a serious one, some of the lyrical content may be a bit heavy for younger/sensitive viewers.

These videos were uploaded chiefly for students to practice to, and as a record of their work. Some of the versions here are still a bit rough, having only just been ‘finished’ not ‘polished’ and the time of recording!

The videos only show me, but you can hear some students singing – and even beatboxing – in a few of them. Enjoy!